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“I am happy to say…that you can go on vacation…hire Coastal K9 to take care of your dogs…and then you can relax..because they rock and take great care of them. I really enjoyed myself…and my pups had a great time also!” –Seana Marie

Sam (left) & Chuy


215842_452519324785358_71393664_n“(Natalie), Elena, Marnae, Tessa, Judy & Vince… Once again I must commend you for having such an outstanding group of folks. The piece of mind Coastal K9 provides me is…well, it just cannot be measured.  At times I have such guilt because of my stupid busy life but then I think of Coastal K9 and all becomes right in my world.  I am beyond grateful and feel that those who are a part of my Chloe’s world on a regular basis need to have a special thank you.”  – Debbie W.


“Yet again upon returning home Peaches, the cats, and my home were well taken care of… Just knowing that everything was taken care as if I were home doing it myself put myself and my critters at ease.” -Sheshaunti Marcee



“As a veterinarian, I have no hesitation trusting (Coastal K9) as a dog caretaker or dog walker.”

Stefanie Scheff  BVSc, MRCVS, CVA (IVAS)









“Coastal K9 helped me when I was in a pinch. They kept me updated and at ease while I had to go out of town on an emergency. I will definitely be using them again! Thank you!”  –

Nichole, Shaun &  Capone



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“As a former professional Arabian trainer and animal lover, I (and my husband) have never experienced our pets having such loving and conscientious care.  The extra mile is normal for Natalie and crew and we wish that they would branch out to handle our other non animal tasks.” -Sarah Rasmussen (owner of Lulu and Liney Grey)



“All of your dedication and hard work is much appreciated. Endearment to you! Thanks so much!” -Zen & Dan

Scooby (left) & Leo



“I want to thank (Natalie) and Elena for all you’ve done for Milo and me. He is so much more confident when we are out!” -Joyce Donahue

Mink (bottom) & Milo

6 Responses to Reviews

  1. April Curtis says:

    I completely love and trust Coastal K9 Dog Walking & Pet Services. My experience with them has been 100% positive. Not only are they highly knowledgeable in handling and caring for dogs, they truly love them as well! They are always compassionate and caring towards my two dogs and that is highly important to me. I want someone who does not take their responsibilities for my dogs lightly and to love them as well. I cannot believe that Coastal K9 is available to me in this respect! Coastal K9 is highly reliable, responsible and accommodating regarding all of my dogs various needs. They have never once forgotten the instructions that I specifically provided for them in the intake forms and they have been unfailingly understanding when I have had to make changes and adjustments in my service needs. I am always looking forward to my photos after their walk which have arrived each and every time a walk has taken place! Additionally, whenever I have put a call, text or email in to ask about anything, I have received a reply quite promptly. I cannot say enough good things about Coastal K9. I am a picky dog owner, as I love my dogs very much. I would and do highly recommend Coastal K9 if you would like top quality care for your dog (s) and/or other pets for very affordable prices. ~ April Curtis, Ventura, CA

  2. Danielle B. in Ventura says:

    I can’t wait for King to do a field trip… Thanks again for your services. It’s been making my days a lot easier while I’m at work. I don’t even worry about him because I know he’s having fun and he’s pooped when I get home ( he’s snoring now) 🙂 .

  3. B. Carlson says:

    We are happy with the work you are putting in with Luke. Personally it really helps my state of mind knowing such a passoinate dog person is taking care of him while we are at work. Thanks again, and cant wait till he gets his shots. He loves the interaction with other dogs.

  4. Mari says:

    Thanks so much for taking such good care of my lil’ Twyla today in Ventura. While I was out birding on Santa Cruz Island in search of the endemic Island Scrub Jay it was so comforting to get your text pics of her having fun with her new doggie friends. I highly recommend your service to visitors and locals alike. I only wish you lived closer to us in the SF Bay Area. Thanks again, Natalie and Coastal K9! …Twyla is seriously resting now after a full day of playing and working with you side by side…T sends her thanks.

  5. Diane Gordon says:

    I wish I could think of a way to get the word out about Coastal K-9 and Natalie and Elena. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. They’ve got my back when I’m in town, out of town. Buddy and Holly love them to death! Well, you know what I mean. They are true animal lovers and also very conscientious business owners. They care and are out and about doing so much for the community at large as well. You can feel confident in recommending them to anyone.

  6. Lauren says:

    I want to thank Natalie, Elena and of course Judy and Vince for all their hard work! Simba loves his afternoon walks and I know he holds a special place in his heart for Judy and Vince as they see him the most. Whenever I need services last minute Coastal K9 is always quick to respond and fit my pup in. I trust Coastal K9 completely, whenever I have questions or concerns they are always available to help! I know Simba loves them just as much, he is a much happier pup. It brightens my day when I get my update text with a pic of my silly boy. Thank you so much! Lauren & Justin

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