About Us

Our Mission

Coastal K9 Dog Walking & Pet Services is a company built upon Peace of Mind, family, and trust. Our license, bond, and insurance protects you, your pet, your home, and us from the potential risks that come with being in the animal world. We know that pets are more than just animals; they are family. That is why caring for them is a privilege for only the most responsible and compassionate of people. Exercise, learning, and companionship are three of the most important things we can offer your Pets, each time we are with them. We hold ourselves to a high standard and continually strive to improve upon the skills we have, to in turn share our knowledge with you, the owner. Open communication is essential to a good relationship; the one with your dog walker/pet sitter is no exception. We promise to always keep you informed and connected. Choosing an animal care taker is a big decision. You can rest easier knowing that Coastal K9 is here to give you the Peace of Mind you and your Pets deserve, and we’ll prove it every time.

Coastal K9 Founders, Natalie & Elena

Natalie: My love for animals began when I was a little girl. By age 8 I had bunnies, cats, amphibians and a pit bull named Peaches. I was always bringing home stray dogs until I could find their owners, feeding the neighbors’ cats- my parents couldn’t catch a break until I moved out during college …A bachelor’s in Psychology can be used on animals, right? After graduating I still yearned to be around those furry companions, and even more so now. I believe your future is what you make it, so I fill my days working with animals of all sorts!

Summer of 2009 I stumbled across a young Akita pup on the outskirts of town. Two weeks without response to ads and I decided to keep her…boy was I in for a surprise! It has been a blessed challenge to say the least going through her training classes. Tedi Bear has been a great inspiration to help those hard-to-train dogs get the exercise they need to maintain a more calm and happy state of mind.

To this day I still bring home animals I find in my neighborhood. My friends and family may be right when they say I’m obsessed, but I wouldn’t trade anything for the experiences I’ve had with the incredible animals and people I work with on a daily basis. Coastal K9 will give you the peace of mind you are looking for when it comes to caring for your pet. I guarantee it!

Elena: Growing up I had many pets. I saw kittens being born in my parents closet, my sister and I chose our first puppy (a cocker spaniel named Reggie) from our neighbors litter of 8! I was also lucky enough to have a beautiful Arabian gelding named Hesed. By the time I left for college we had logged 12 years together. While in school in San Francisco, I started up a small dog walking business; mostly for my professors pets but I must have been on to something bigger. I have been a part of 4-H clubs, countless horse shows, and hundreds of hours of trail rides in the hills of Thousand Oaks. So many wonderful memories.

After growing up in Thousand Oaks and graduating from College on a scholarship I moved to Ventura, where I enjoy all of what this great beach community has to offer. I enjoy surfing, hiking and beach volleyball, and giving back to the community through beach cleanups and coaching volleyball. Currently, I have a cat named Marley (who purrs so loud you can hear him in the next room) and a queensland heeler, Kirra, who loves to play and has a heart of gold. At Coastal K9 your pets will be given the loving care that we give ours, and that they so deserve.


The Team

Judy & Vince: Nine year residents of beautiful Ventura, and before that more than 20 years in Thousand Oaks, where Judy has worked for more than 26 years as an Administrator in a Private Preschool.  We carpool together every day, as Vince is a busy Sales Manager in Newbury Park.  Our two wonderful daughters are grown, and we’ve managed to survive the “Empty Nest Syndrome,” leaving lots of time for our animals, tennis, kayaking, surfing, camping, and cheering for the many sports teams we love!  We also volunteer for the Ojai Raptor Center.  Our main job has been transporting injured birds that have been taken to local Vets in the Thousand Oaks area to Ventura where a wonderful couple (also volunteers) care for these birds until they are able to go back into the wild.  As long time vegetarians, animals are our friends and we have had horses, dogs, cats, etc. to love and care for as family pets since time began.  Many wonderful memories!  Since working with Coastal K9 we have met so many great families and “fallen in love” over and over again with their adorable animals.  We would love to care for your precious pets and treat them with the lifestyle that they are accustomed to.

Emily Bio PicEmily: Originally from the UK, I stumbled upon Ventura 2 1/2 years ago after travelling across country. Growing up in the British countryside started a life long passion for furry critters of all shapes and sizes, and I wanted to travel the world to find out more about them. I am now a Veterinary Assistant, and on my days off I enjoy working with Coastal K9, walking and caring for the animals of Ventura county. After that, I go home to my crazy little Dachshund “Luna”.


carringtonCarrington: Growing up in New England provided a rich landscape to play in the woods and be connected to animals. I have had a kinship with animals since I was a little girl. My best friends growing up were two Airedales, Dazey and Ali, they were my playmates and confidantes. I grew up riding the hunter jumper circuit, training and showing my horses; spending time at the barn was my favorite past time. As I moved into my adult life I knew the importance of continuing the connection of being surrounded by animals and decided to go into the field of counseling.  I received my graduate degree in counseling psychology pursuing the modality of Equine Assisted Mental Health, which incorporates equines into therapeutic intervention. For the past five years I worked at a residential treatment center as an equine specialist and co-facilitator in the EAMH department. I moved from Tucson to Ojai to continue accruing my hours to eventually become a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. I own a Chihuahua named Nugget whom I have had since he was a puppy.

There is nothing quite like the animal human bond and I am grateful to be able to surround myself with your animals. I could never imagine my life without their joy.

alexis-bio-picAlexis: All my life I have been obsessed with animals. In the past, I have come across a few stray dogs and taken them in until I found their owners or a new forever home. I begged my mom for years to get my own permanent pet, but it wasn’t until I went away for college that I got the puppy that I always wanted, Milo! He has taught me patience and has shown me how to have fun everyday! His beautiful and playful spirit always puts a smile on my face. I then got a job working at Petsmart where I had the opportunity to see so many different animal personalities. After moving back home to Ventura, and a total of 3 years at Petsmart, the best thing to happen to me is my job at Coastal K9! Both Natalie and Elena know and have taught me so much about dog behavior, and I still learn something new everyday. My love for animals grows more each day when I get to walk dogs, and work hands on with a variety of animals. Coastal K9 truly cares about the well being and happiness of you and your pet.

lili-bio-picLili: Born are raised in Ventura, I have lived and worked in Ventura county my entire life. I started work at 16 years old for the Parks and Recreation in sports, and from there spent 30 plus years working for Pinecrest Schools. I then began with Coastal K9 and could not be happier to be part of the team. I enjoy being outside and exercising. I have never been without a pet of some sort. Dogs and cats are just as much family as the 2 legged variety, I call them fur babies.